Company history


Opening of premises and 15th anniversary

The official opening of our headquarters connected with the Jubilee of the 15th anniversary of the Company's activity. The participants of the event had the opportunity to see the retrospective exhibition of paintings made by Zbigniew Chrostek; discover the interior of new Company’s building and take part in the Laboratories of Art prepared by employees. In this year we plan to organize XV Polish Open Air Art Festival in Pstrągowa. Employment: 35 people.


Graniczna 105 new place of work

Technopomiar's crew moved to the new headquarters at Graniczna 105. Since December 2017, we have a production workshop with storerooms, laboratories: two service and one water / gas, one "clean room" to calibrating particle counters (for liquids and gases), modern office rooms, conference-training rooms as well as large exhibition hall. Company logo was changed to a modern-design one. All company graphics will follow.


Renovation of the purchased property

We received permission to adapt the purchased building. At the end of the year, renovation works for the new headquarters at Graniczna 105 Street started.


New departments in the company

In response to the increasing number of orders for ready-made analytical systems, we separated the Design Department with the Quality Control cell. Adaptation works on purchased property were still in progress in order to make the building optimal for our needs. Employment: 31 people.


Successful purchase of a new headquarters

We acquired at the auction of the Military Property Agency the building of the former Military House of Culture at Graniczna 105 Street, with the purpose of moving the Company's office to a larger object. We implemented the Occupational Health and Safety Management System PN-EN-18000, which also meets the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001.


Change of investment plans

We received a highlight in the "Forbes Diamonds 2012" ranking. Due to procedural reasons, we abandoned the investment of build a new company headquarters at Strzelecka Street. We started the process of searching for a new location of the Company.


Architectural competition

We set a competition for the architectural concept for the development of the purchased construction plot, we selected the winner and commissioned a construction project for the new headquarters. Employment: 23 people.


New development prospects

Employment in the company increased to 22 people, which affected the maximum use of the available office space. In order to further develop, the Company bought a construction plot at Strzelecka Street with the intention of building a new office enabling the implementation of larger orders and employing new specialists. We received 1st place in the category "A small, reliable and dynamic company" in the ranking of the companies "Skrzydła Biznesu 2010" in the Lower Silesia region. We signed the first contract with a foreign business entity for the delivery of a large analytical system in a container with abroad destination.


New place for Open Air Art Festivals

After five years, we changed Open Air Art Festivals organization place and moved to „Siedlisko Janczar” in Pstrągowa.


Quality management system

We have implemented a Quality Management System compliant with ISO9001:2009. This system includes the processes of: sales, delivery, service, design and production. Employment: 19 people.


"Gazele Biznesu 2006"

We joined the group of the most dynamically developing companies - „Gazele Biznesu 2006”. Employment: 15 people.


Another change of the company's headquarters

We received dealership of NEO Monitors. We bought a new office at Buforowa 4C, which turned out to be a milestone in the development of the company. We worked in a 9-person team in a building that was intended for a crew of 25 people. We had office rooms, a warehouse and a small workshop, all with an area of 420m2. Besides measuring racks and analytical cabinets, we started to manufacture complete analytical containers. The first Polish Open Air Art Festival took place in Wola Michowa.


New Office at ul. Braniborska

We received dealership of Sieger (currently Honeywell Analytics). We are already in an 8-person team and we moved to a larger office at Braniborska Street. An idea was created to promote and support Polish modern art through the organization of Polish Open Air Art Festivals.


Registration of the Technopomiar Sp. z o.o.

Registration of Technopomiar Sp. z o.o. The company began business activity in 4-person team in a two-room office in a workers' hotel at Buforowa Street. We received dealership of Polymetron (currently Hach) and Sentry Equipment.