Maintenance services

Service on site

To meet the needs of the market, resulting from current standards for equipment efficiency, requiring trouble-free operation at the level exceeding 95%, we offer dedicated maintenance services regarding current operation, and troubleshooting, as well as periodic technical inspections.

We provide services in the scope of

  • Calibration and validation of personal gas detectors, stationary gas detection systems, moisture meters, air, oil and liquids particle counters, liquid and gas analyzers and others on request;
  • Supply of reagents for on-line analyzers and calibration kits for particle counters in liquids and TOC (OWO) analyzers allowing validation of the calibration procedure with the attached certificate;
  • Warranty inspections and repairs;
  • Post-warranty services;
  • Service contracts that ensure price stability throughout the duration of the contract and guaranteed reaction time;
  • Current operation of physicochemical measurements.
Szkolenia z obsługi urządzeń

Service works, calibration
and validation of analyzers

Stojak pomiarów fizykochemicznych
Kontener pomiarów fizykochemicznych
panele przygotowania próbek