Physicochemical measurements

Physicochemical measurements

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Physicochemical measurements
Comany headquarter

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15th anniversary

Comany headquarter
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About us

Technopomiar Sp. z o.o. is a company with over 15 years of tradition, with Polish capital, specializing in providing comprehensive analytical solutions for key branches of industry. Over all the years of our activity, we have systematically been expanding our team of professionals in order to serve our clients best. The best proof of our company’s development is constantly growing number of customers who have trusted solutions we offer. Our experienced, 34-person staff provides knowledgeable technical advice and professional choice of solutions, for which we provide complete technical and quality documentation. The measuring systems manufactured by us are installed on racks, in enclosures or self-supporting air-conditioned containers.

We have been sponsoring Wrocław Contemporary Art Gallery ARTTRAKT for eight years. In cooperation with the owner of the gallery, we have organized exhibitions of eminent Polish contemporary painters.

Laboratorium wzorcowania i kalibracji

Calibration and validation laboratory

Hala produkcyjna

Manufacturing hall

Sala konferencyjna

Conference room

Our offer

Technopomiar Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive solutions for the supply and service of analytical equipment for measurement of physicochemical parameters of liquids and gases. We provide technical consultancy, designing services, supply, assembly, commissioning, training, warranty and post-warranty service of measuring systems, as well as “turnkey” deliveries.

Technopomiar pomiary w cieczach ptica
  • = Pure and ultrapure water
  • = Surface water
  • = Industrial sewage
  • = Liquid hydrocarbons
  • = Technological fluids
  • = TOC analyzers
  • = Particle counters
Technopomiar pobór próbek ptica
  • = Steam-water circuit
  • = Process and exhaust gases
  • = Non-emissions hydrocarbons sampling
  • = Solid and powder
  • = Liquid and slurry
  • = Food industry
  • = Pharmaceutical industry
Technopomiar pomiary w gazach ptica
  • = Technological gases
  • = Technical gases
  • = Combustion process control
  • = Denitrification exhaust
  • = Gas detection
  • = Personal gas detectors
  • = Particle counters
Technopomiar usługi firmy ptica
  • = Technical consulting
  • = Design and engineering
  • = Manufacture
  • = Systems integration
  • = Assembly and commissioning
  • = Guarantee and post-guarantee service
  • = Trainings

The completion of supplies and assembly of finished products takes place at our headquarters, thanks to which we guarantee high quality, in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, introduced in 2008. For some projects, we perform or supervise final assembly on site, and our authorized service team offers commissioning, technical support and training on operation and maintenance of delivered measuring systems.

The 15th anniversary and opening of new premises

This year Technopomiar celebrates its 15th anniversary. For 15 years, we have been expanding areas of our activity in the field of physicochemical measurements of liquids and gases, so that now we are capable of implementation of “turnkey” projects and creation of customized, special applications for various technological processes. Our Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Employees motivate us to continuous development so that we could meet the ever-increasing demands of the market. The culmination of our activity is building of a new company premises, which creates helps us to execute ever larger and more demanding contracts. Currently, we have to our disposal manufacturing hall, specialized chemical laboratories, storage space, open space for our design department, modern office rooms, conference rooms as well as a large conference and exhibition room. Additionally, at the instigation of visual artists, with whom we have been cooperating since the foundation of our company, we have changed our logo to be a more modern one, enriched with the motto of our company’s mission – “Everything You need to measure”.
Grafika Jubileuszowa Zbyszek Chrostek

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In order to send an inquiry or order, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Our specialists will choose for you an optimal solution tailored to your needs.

Technopomiar pomiary w cieczach ptica

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