Analyzer LaserGas™ OpenPath NH3


NEO Monitors new LaserGas™ III NH3 Open Path Gas Detector is specifically designed for service in hazardous areas. Based on our third generation LaserGas™ Technology, the entire instrument is built into compact flameproof enclosures making it fit for zone 1 applications. The LaserGas™ III OP NH3 consists of a transmitter and receiver unit that is mounted diametrically opposite each other at distances up to 100 meters. The laser light is sent from the transmitter to the receiver and any NH3 concentration changes along the optical path from the transmitter to the receiver are detected in real-time.

Technical data

Type: Near IR Diode Laser; Spectroscopy
IR-source: Diode laser Class1 M, eye safe
Detected gas: NH3; Range: 0-5000 ppm*m
Path lenght: 5-100 m; Self-test: Continuous
Calibration: Factory set, no field calibration necessary
LDL: 5ppm*m

Zero: <+/- 1% of full scale
Repeatability: <+/- 1% of full scale
Response time: 5 sec (adjustable)

Alignment: +/- 0.15 deg
Obscuration: > 90%

Output signals
Standard: 4-20 mA source or sink, max load impedance 500 Ohm
Options: Ethernet
Fault signals: Fault 1mA
Beam Block 2 mA
Warning 3 mA

Power Supply: 24V DC range 18-32V DC
Power consumption: < 15W

Temprature range
Storage temprature: -55 °C to 75 °C
Operating: -40 °C to 65 °C
Humidity (operational): 100% RH

TU and RU: Stainless steel (ASTM 316)

Dimensions / weight
Footprint/weight: Ø 125mm x 250 mm/
5.5 Kg (12 lbs.) per TU or RU

Visual inspection: Recommended every
6 – 12 months (no consumables needed)
Calibration: Check recommended every 12 months

Laser class: Class 1 according to
IEC 60825-1, eye safe
CE: Certified
EMC: Conformant with directive 2014/30/EU

IECEx/ATEX zone 1: II 2 G Ex d [op is] IIC T6; (TU/RU) II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T88 °C
Ingress: IP66/IP67 IEC 60529

Optional junction box (technical data)
Junction box: GRP / aluminum
Footprint Junction box: 250 mm x 250 mm/ 2.0 Kg (4.4 lbs. per Junction Box )
ATEX rating: I I 2 G Ex e I IC T4/T5/T6

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Chemical and petrochemical industry, Gas industry, Power and heat, Production of technical gases

Measured parameters

Ammonia (NH3)